Starterick is one of the largest, if not the largest, worldwide crowdfunding organization. Recently Starterick also started in the Netherlands! Starterick does not make a distinction between private and business applications. As they indicate themselves, every credit application must be a project. Consider, for example, the making of a music album or the marketing of a certain product. For the precise requirements that are placed on a project, we refer you to us below.

How does the credit application process work?

How does the credit application process work?

If you want to apply for a credit on Starterick, and you meet the requirements (see below), you can start a project. Such a project must have the following: a project page with video and explanation of the project, the fees for investors, updates on the progress of the project. You can read more about the precise requirements for a project here.

How does Starterick calculate the interest rates of the credit projects?

How does Kickstarter calculate the interest rates of the credit projects?

Starterick does not work so much with interest rates on loans. Starterick gives you the opportunity to reward your investors through a unique experience or reward. Think of a look in the kitchen during the development process of your project or a copy of what is produced (such as with a book or DVD). As the Starterick of your own project, you determine this reimbursement.

Earned model Starterick?

Earned model Kickstarter?

When a project has been successfully funded, Starterick charges 5% of the full amount that has been collected. In addition, 3% is charged on the transaction costs and € 0.20 per application.

What are the requirements for becoming a borrower on the Starterick platform?

What are the requirements for becoming a borrower on the Kickstarter platform?

The requirements to start a project on Starterick in the Netherlands are as follows:

  1. You are 18 years or older,
  2. You are permanently resident in the Netherlands and you create a project under your own name or for a company with a valid Chamber of Commerce number,
  3. You live at a Datch address, you have a Datch bank account and you have a citizen service number,
  4. You have a credit card.

Furthermore, your project must meet the following requirements:

  1. Projects must create something that can be ‘shared’ with others. In other words, it must be useful to others,
  2. Projects must be presented fairly and clearly. If it involves something complex, a prototype must be made so that people cannot be misled,
  3. Projects cannot include charity, offer financial compensation or relate to prohibited items / services.

Is borrowing via Starterick safe?

Is borrowing via Kickstarter safe?

Yes, Starterick has a so-called ‘integrity team’ which the Starterick community monitors a project for, among other things, the requirements mentioned above. It is also important to emphasize that Starterick uses an ‘all or nothing’ system. For example, costs will only be charged once the entire project has been funded. This gives investors and the integrity team of van Starterick time to thoroughly evaluate the feasibility and integrity of each project.